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Biking Keystone Colorado may conjure images of scenic mountain peaks, groves of aspens and bubbling mountain streams, and all that’s true. What you may not know is that Keystone is near some of Colorado’s top craft microbrewers. And, you can take in all that scenery and sample the region’s best brews on a guided bike tour with At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures.

Scenic imagery in Keystone, Colorado.

Try a little adventure to go with that mug, and take in the breweries, as well as the scenery, by bike. At Your Pace Bike guides will escort you along gorgeous mountain scenery, providing some history along the way. Then, get ready for sampling in some of the nearby towns of Dillon and Silverthorne, Colorado. Each of these communities surrounds beautiful Lake Dillon and hosts a microbrewery (or two) which features small batches of award-winning brews and specialty beers. You may want to try a traditional IPA or Lager, or maybe opt for a seasonal brew like a coconut porter or orange cream ale. Choose from breweries like Dillon Dam Brewery, The Baker’s Brewery and more.

It might surprise you to learn that any scenic Keystone beer and bike tour is a tour for all ages and abilities. Sure, you have to be 21 years old to enjoy sampling the specialty brews, but those under that age are welcome to pedal or ride along. They can enjoy the scenery along with some alternative beverage choices or nibbles. And, At Your Pace Bike tours are exactly that, at your pace. Our guides will discern the general ability level of your group. Ride at a leisurely pace or push it a bit- it’s up to you. Brewery Tours cover mostly flat terrain, and our guides know the best routes as well as some fun local tidbits.

As always, At Your Pace guided bike tours ensure top notch equipment along with ensuring it’s all properly fitted to you.

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