An Interview with Pamela Keller – Founder of At Your Pace – Freestyle Cycling Adventures



Pam took her first ever self-guided bike tour on a trip to France back in 2011. She went for the purpose of watching the French Open tennis tournament but also wanted to tour France from the seat of a bike after the tournament. Unable to find a single guided bike tour that coincided with the dates she wanted to travel, she ended up researching a number of companies and stumbled upon a self-guided bike tour company. The company offered flexible dates where she could choose what day she would like to start the trip without the hassle of having to travel on a select group departure. The entire self-guided touring concept is what drew Pam to the idea of starting up her own self-guided bike tour company.


Having worked at a company called Globus & Cosmos planning and coordinating tours all across North America for a number of years; Pam knew she had what it would take to start her own self-guided bike tour company. After her trip to France, she spent nights and weekends bootstrapping At Your Pace – Freestyle Cycling Adventures from the ground up. Having initial success working on the company part time, she soon realized that she could successfully run the company full time. Taking a leap of faith, she decided to quit her corporate day job to work at At Your Pace – Freestyle Cycling Adventures full time. From the early beginnings of the company up till now, Pam has been working with the company to improve and grow the At Your Pace – Freestyle Cycling Adventures brand.


I understand starting your own company is quite difficult. What is your motivation to keep you working with such laser beam focus?

I do not like to fail. Having learned through other tour operators, I already had 100% of the skills necessary to run a bike tour company. It took dedication on my end to keep me moving forward.


When you started the company, what did you envision a customer’s experience to be like compared to traditional bike tours?

I wanted to avoid the rigidity of a traditional bike tour. Riders should not have to be constantly having to keep up with a bike group or slowing down because of a slower person in the group. I want riders to have the flexibility to ride at their pace and also go off the beaten path and explore areas they might now get to see with the rigidity of a standard bike tour.


Where do you get your inspiration to build these multi-day self-guided bike tours?

Well, because of my prior experience working in the tourism industry, I already had an idea of what riders wanted to get out of a tour. It did take some trial and error though. When I first started out, I wanted to avoid the cliche bike tours in places Colorado was well known for. What I found out early on though, was that those well-known experiences were what people really seemed to enjoy the most.


Do you go out and ride each tour that you create?

I’ve actually ridden about 95% of them. For the rest, I’ve had my local partners ride them. When I create a tour, the most important thing is to go out and ride the tour to make sure that the ride delivers a quality experience to the rider.


What do you look for when building a self-guided bike tour?

Well, for one, there must be a good road system or bike path in place with low traffic in the area. It’s also important for there to be a plentiful amount of sightseeing preferably off the beaten path.

What is your future vision for At Your Pace – Freestyle Cycling Adventures?

I am currently working on a turn-key process in order to allow me to license out the company to others looking to run a bike tour company. I’d love to have At Your Pace – Freestyle Cycling Adventure tours in every state of the US. The process has been a little tedious thus far. It’s difficult to take everything you know and put in on paper. I think it’s highly important, though, for riders to have the same level of quality on all At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures tours.


At Your Pace – Freestyle Cycling Adventures was voted the best bike guide service on Outdoor Elevation’s Best of the Rockies 2016. Can you tell me about what it means to you to now be considered the bike guide service in the Rockies?

When I had first started the company, I created a vision board for myself so that I could picture some of the things that I would like to achieve with the company. One of my visions was to receive some press about my company. It really means a lot to me to be considered the best bike guide service in the Rockies (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Idaho).

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