Best Bike Cities in the U.S.



5. Scottdale, Arizona

Home to over 550 some odd miles of bike paths, the city of Scottdale has a significantly larger amount of bike paths than most cities in the entire U.S.  You can bike year round in this desert oasis without even needing to bundle up in the winter. Scottdale makes for an excellent vacation destination for anyone looking to escape the chill of winter.

We offer our Scottsdale Self-guided Cycling tour that visits some the most exquisite places Arizona has to offer. You won’t find a better riding experience than one cruising through the soaring mountains and deep canyons of the Sonoran desert as well as riding along the Salt river beneath towering rhyolite cliffs.


4. Austin, Texas

Have you ever seen a pedal-powered 80-foot long rattlesnake? You can at the Austin Bike Zoo. Yes, that’s right, a zoo for cyclists. Any city that has an entire zoo made for cyclists will absolutely make the list for best bike cities in the U.S. This quirky city is also home to the 6-mile long Lance Armstrong Bikeway which runs through the heart of town. Just outside of town is the famous Texas Hill Country where you can ride through endless miles of picturesque ranchland.


3. New York City, New York

Between the bustle and mayhem of New York City traffic, it may seem overwhelming to ride in it. However, the city continues to make accommodation for cyclists a priority. With over 50 miles of bike lanes that can get you nearly anywhere in town, there really isn’t a need to call for any expensive cab drivers. If you’d like to avoid traffic altogether, New York City has got you covered. The Hudson River Greenway is a protected pedestrian path that runs over 11 miles. You could travel from Battery Park to the southern tip of Manhattan, all from the seat of a bike. Between the vast amount of bike lanes across town and the city’s Citi Bike Share program,  New York has become a hotspot for cyclists.

2. Boulder, Colorado

Known for its iconic front range view of the Flatirons, Boulder is one of the most friendly bike cities in the US. The city boasts more than 300 miles of bike paths, which can take you practically anywhere in the city. With the vast amounts of bike paths Boulder has, the town even offers a bike share program called Boulder B-cycle to provide you with 24-hour bike access at any B-station. If you ever happen to visit Boulder, be sure to experience the town from the via bicycle, as it’s by far the best mode of transportation.

For the beer lovers out there, Boulder is also home to more than 16 craft breweries like the Twisted Pine Brewery, the Upslope Brewery, and the Boulder Beer Company just to name a few. If you’re looking to sightsee in town and you like beer, we recommend taking a tour on our Boulder Bike & Brews Guided Day Tour.


1. Portland, Oregon

Topping out with the most cyclists per capita, Portland has long been the king of cycling in the U.S. The city offers a diversity of different bike rides to cater to any cyclist. These rides vary from shorter local day rides to multi-day trips around 11,000′ peaks. Whether you are a regular cyclist or new to cycling, there are few states here in the U.S. that offer the diversity in rides that Portland has to offer. As a matter of fact, the city regularly earns the title of one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. With Portland city planners setting explicit goals to have one-quarter of all trips be taken by bicycle by 2030, that title won’t be changing anytime soon.


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