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At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures specializes in the customization of the best private mountain bike tours! It’s easy! Book a trip with us with five or more guests, and the world is your oyster!  Our mountain biking destinations offer incredible riding, but they offer so much more – like world-class hiking, rum distilleries, and options for doing things a touch off the beaten track!

Mountain biking in Crested Butte, Colorado

Want some ideas on how to spice up your private mountain bike tour? Read on!


Combine the best of both worlds, and then put a cherry on top. We’ll ride The Dyke Trail (an absolute must ride in the fall) from Lake Irwin one-way, ending at the Dark Canyon trailhead. We’ll then leave our bikes, put on hiking shoes, and check out one of the best fall hikes you’ll ever see. Can it possibly get better? Why, yes it can! How about a stop at Montanya Rum Distillers on Elk Avenue for an apres’ ride rum tasting?


For our standard full-day rides, we typically plan on one big ride (like 25 miles on the Kokopelli Loops). But, why not mix it up a little bit? Start the day off with a couple hours of riding the fun, technical terrain of the Lunch Loops in Grand Junction. Time for lunch! Dig into a well-deserved pizza at the world-famous Hot Tomato. Now that your private group is re-energized, let’s head up to 18 Road and ride the smooth, fast singletrack of trails like Zippity-Do-Da, PBR, and Kessel Run until the sun sets.

Need a location comparison? We’ve got you covered!


At Your Pace – Freestyle Cycling Adventures includes an 8-week training program with our mountain biking trips!  We want you to enjoy trip you’ve signed up for,  not suffer through a climb only to be miserable on the downhill.  Trust us, fitter means more fun!


  1. Fruita / Grand Junction
  2. Crested Butte
  3. Park City


  1. Crested Butte
  2. Park City
  3. Fruita / Grand Junction


Crested Butte Guided Mountain Bike Tour

Technical Level: Intermediate+

Physical Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Let’s be real:  Climbs in Crested Butte are STEEP.   On average you’re riding your bike above 10,000 feet.  That being said, not all of the rides we’ll do in Crested Butte require huge, steep climbs; plus, we’ll wait for you because there’s a good chance we’re breathing hard, too! Crested Butte may be the toughest location stamina-wise that At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures offers, but it’s all worth it in the end because the descents give you singletrack that lasts for miles and miles.  If you’re joining us for a trip to “CB”, make sure you get plenty of climbing in pre-trip, as you’ll need the training!

Fruita & Grand Junction Guided Mountain Bike Tour

Technical Level: Intermediate

Physical Level: Intermediate

Fruita lacks the large climbs (and therefore descents) that you’ll experience in our mountain locations.  We’ll typically make up for a lack of vertical by putting in more miles, so be sure you can ride for a few hours before your Fruita trip.  Some of our favorite rides in Grand Junction- mainly at the Lunch Loops- have a couple of legit climbs to get to the top, so it’s not all fun and games.  But, the technical riding in Fruita and Grand Junction can best be described as “fun!” Sure, there are some challenging sections: most of them are the type you’ll want to session over and over because they’re so cool.  A true intermediate will have a blast in Fruita.

Park City Utah Guided Mountain Bike Tour

Technical Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Physical Level: Intermediate

On average, Park City is our easiest location on a technical level.  The trails are buffed out singletrack… which means you can go as fast as your risk tolerance will allow!  Sure, there are sections of rock and roots, but for the most part, Park City is fairly tame.  On a physical level, we’ll be doing longer rides (15+ miles) that gain elevation at a moderate pace which means you should be in shape accordingly.  For the low-landers out there, we’ll be above 7,000 feet most of the time, so keep that in mind when you decide not to put those extra training miles in!

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