Breckenridge Distillery Tours, At Your Pace Biking

Sip, Savor and Cycle on Breckenridge Distillery Tours


Known for pairing the best in Breckenridge adventure with the latest and greatest tastes, award-winning At Your Pace bike tours now include Distillery tours, too. Newly added partner Dancing Pines Distillery of Breckenridge is thrilled to be a part of the package! As part of the fun, when guests visit […]

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June 28th is Colorado Bike to Work Day


Are you ready for Ride Your Bike on Colorado Bike to Work Day? June is a perfect month to start a new habit and get in shape for summer, especially if you’re lucky enough to bike in Colorado. Exercise with a purpose is the best…you know, riding your bike to […]

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Cycling near Keystone Resort on the Keystone Family Friendly Bike Tour


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At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures™ and Keystone Resort recently announced a partnership which designates At Your Pace as the outfitter for summer cycling tours in and around Keystone. At Your Pace will offer the tours to both individual travelers and organized groups through Keystone Resort. Notes Pam Keller of […]

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Colorado Fall Foliage Photography & Cycling Tour Photo credit: Kevin Wenning

Bike Photography Tour – Planning a Bicycle Vacation for Photographers


Guest blogger Kevin Wenning Have you ever heard the phrase, “We become who we are”? Even in the busy day to day of life we find a way to pursue our passions. I go out for a ride on Saturday mornings while my wife takes our boy to swim lessons. […]

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Lovely wildflowers on the Beyond Boulder Guided Bike Trail Ride

Discover Wildflower Viewing Near Boulder

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It’s an incredible and vibrant time of year in Boulder and in Colorado, in general. Adventures abound in Colorado in summertime where you can enjoy Colorado cycling trips, float trips, fly fishing, horseback riding, trail running and so much more – all very close to Boulder. One of the biggest […]

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Searching for the ultimate family vacation? Look no further!

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How many of you packed into a car and took road trips as kids? My family did. Spending hours in the car, sightseeing, with a suitcase wedged between my sister and me so that we wouldn’t fight described our family vacations. OK, there was that one trip to Acapulco. . […]

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It’s All About the Ladies: Custom Bachelorette Bicycle Trips

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Getting married is one of the single most defining moments in your life. A custom bachelorette bicycle vacation is the perfect way to celebrate and bond with your BFFs one last time before the big day. So, before you don the white tulle and lace, ditch the traditional parties, get out […]

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Plus size cycling clothing At Your Pace Biking

Women’s Plus-size Cycling Clothing


Women’s Plus-size Cycling Clothing. Oh where, oh where can it be? I was chatting with one of my best girlfriends while enjoying a favorite pastime – sipping a glass of wine in Palisade, CO. The topic of women’s plus size cycling clothing came up as an idea for a blog (hmmm…..). My […]

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Healthy eating. At Your Pace Biking

Superfoods to Power You Through Your Next Ride

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We’ve all heard the buzz of superfoods like pomegranates, which are known for their antioxidant powers or even Omega-3 packed chia seeds. But the question is, what exactly makes a certain type of food a superfood, and what superfoods should you know about if you are a cyclist?   What makes […]

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Myofascial Release. What is it?

Myofascial Release. What is it? Who needs it? and How to start?

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You may be hearing a lot about myofascial release lately but it has been around since the 1960s. John F. Barnes, P.T. and founder of John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach®, and one of the first therapists to develop educational material and programs around the subject matter describes myofascial release […]

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