Frequently Asked Questions

Check out frequently asked questions for everything you need to know about our active cycling vacations! Don’t see the answer to your question? Give us a call at 970-776-0181 and ask one of our local bike touring experts!

What is a self-guided bike tour?

Self-guided bike tours allow you to enjoy your vacation, your way. Designed for the independent traveler who enjoys flexibility, self-guided bike tours have all of the components of guided tours. except you're the guide! Enjoy the freedom of flexibility, knowing that we’re there for you every step of the way. Here are some of the other advantages of self-guided bike tours:

  • Travel on the dates that are best for you and your group
  • Travel with the people you choose – you won’t share your bike trip with other guests
  • Set your own pace! Tailor the day – and level of difficulty – to meet your needs and abilities
  • Handpicked accommodations that showcase the best of the region are booked for the entire length of the tour
  • Door-to-door baggage transfers between hotels
  • Routes are professionally and expertly planned
  • You’re provided with GPS navigation systems, loaded with the routes. We’ll also provide you with comprehensive turn-by-turn daily route directions that include information on local sites
  • Although you’ll be traveling independently, our local on-route support is there to support you and is only a phone call away. We’ll provide you with an emergency number in the event of an unexpected issue
  • Our Colorado self-guided bike tours provide unbeatable value while providing you with an exceptionally planned bike vacation
What if I need assistance?

You are not alone! On-route support is available for emergencies, including any complete malfunction of bikes. You’ll be provided with an emergency number that you can call in the event of unexpected issues.

Is bike riding in Colorado hard?

NO! Colorado offers cycling for all ability levels. We’ve crafted a variety of routes that meet everyone’s needs, from leisurely to advanced. Each of our tours is matched with an activity level, based on both terrain and mileage. Some tours will have more than one level, leaving you the choice to decide which route you’d like to ride. Take a look at the Activity Levels page for more information.

What if I want to bring my own bike, seat or pedals?

No problem! Just let us know when you Reserve Your Date. Please see Terms & Conditions/Bicycles for additional information.

If you are bringing your own pedals, make sure you also bring a pedal wrench so that you can add/remove them from your bike.

Can I extend my vacation?

You bet! Pre and post nights are available for an additional supplement. Just let us know when you Request Your Date.

What do I need to bring?

Cycling clothing

  • Bicycle gloves
  • Bicycle shorts with chamois padding
  • Heavy/stiff sole sneakers with wicking socks or bicycle shoes, if you are bringing your own pedals
  • Long bicycle tights (spring and fall riders only)
  • Bicycle jersey, bright colors, wicking preferable
  • Rain gear and/or breathable lightweight jacket/wind jacket
  • Backpack/day pack (one pannier and handlebar bag per bike are provided with rentals)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike helmet (included with your rental, but you may want to bring your own)

Non-cycling clothing

  • Casual, lightweight clothing, easily washable
  • Fleece jacket/sweater
  • Casual shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirts

Additional items

  • Bandana, sunscreen, lip ointment, cap/hat
  • Camera, binoculars
  • Outlet converters
  • Camera charger
  • Toiletry kit, personal first aid kit
  • Alarm clock
Do I need a phone?

We highly recommend that you bring a cell phone so that you can reach our on-site contact in the unlikely event of an emergency. Please activate your cell phone so that you can use it in the U.S. (if you reside outside of the U.S.)

How do I adjust to the altitude?

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water, both before and during your trip to Colorado, is the primary way to help your body adjust to altitude. Due to the dry air and low humidity, you’ll need to drink at least twice as much water as you would at home…even if you do not feel thirsty! During your bike ride, continue to drink water and fuel your body by eating high carb, low-fat foods that you can easily carry, such as nuts, dried fruit and energy bars.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Alcohol dehydrates the body. At altitude, alcoholic drinks pack more of a punch than they do at sea level.

Protect yourself against the sun

At altitude, there’s 25% less protection from the sun, so bring sunscreen (and wear it!). Also, bring lip balm and sunglasses.

Enjoy a night or two in Denver prior to the start of your trip

Take some time when you arrive in Denver to acclimate to the altitude.  We can book pre nights for you.

What if I want to book a single room?

Single rooms are available for an additional charge.

How do I get to and from the start and end of the tour?

Our tours are land only, so getting to and from the tour is your responsibility. We’ve provided transportation suggestions on the Getting Here information section of each itinerary.

How do I pay for my trip?

Once you Request Your Date, we'll contact hotels for availability and get back with you to present a quote for your consideration. Once accepted, we'll send an invoice for payment. Payments can be made using MasterCard, Visa or Discover. Please see Terms & Conditions for information regarding reservations and payment information.

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