Giving thanks. 11 things we’re grateful for!


Giving thanks.

11 Things We’re Grateful For . . .

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we have many things to celebrate at this time of the year – too numerous to count! Here are 11 things we’re grateful for . . . 

1. We’re grateful for the long beautiful fall that Colorado was blessed with this year!

2. We’re grateful for the glistening snow that blankets the Colorado high country, providing fun days of skiing, snowboarding and much needed water in the spring and summer months.

3. We’re grateful for the safe community in which we live.

4. We’re grateful for beautiful, panoramic views, 365 days a year!



5. We’re grateful for beer! There are over 300+ breweries in Colorado, employing over 6000 of our friends & neighbors!

6. We’re grateful for 55 degree temperatures the week of Thanksgiving!

7. We’re grateful for the endless activities that Colorado has to offer.


8. We’re grateful for the bountiful sunshine that our beautiful state enjoys each year!

9. We’re grateful for Thanksgiving and the opportunity to share it with friends, family and community.

10. We’re grateful for our numerous business partners.

11. We’re grateful for YOU!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


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