Hills are a thing of the past. Top reasons to ride an electric bike.


Hills are a thing of the past. Top reasons to ride an electric bike.

Breathe new life into your Colorado cycling experience! At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures now offers electric bikes for rent on both the Breckenridge & Vail Self-guided Bike tour and the Summit County Colorado Bike & Brews Guided Day Tour.


  • Freedom to explore at a new level. Exploring the Colorado high country by bicycle is no longer a distant dream! While hills will never be flat, an electric bike will help you conquer different terrain with greater efficiency and ease. An electric bike allows you to cycle in an area you might have otherwise thought impossible.
  • Extend your range. Traveling longer distances is within your realm! You’ll be able to step out of your comfort zone and ride further, faster, fresher.
  • The joy of riding! What’s more fun than riding a bike?! John F. Kennedy said it best: “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.” Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the beauty, experience, and fun of cycling in Colorado.
  • They’re comfy. Deluxe cushy seats, wide handlebars and premium tires are sure to give you a smooth ride.
  • User Friendly. Electric bikes have both a throttle (providing full power on-demand) and pedal assist. Five levels of pedal assist provide for a more natural riding experience. With pedal assist, the bike senses how much power you apply to the pedals. When you apply more power, the bike provides more help. You pedal. The bike responds.
  • Bikes with benefits. Enjoy the same great benefits of traditional bikes. You’ll still get exercise and feel physically and mentally fit, even on a bike that has a motor.
  • Ride with friends and family. Now you can ride with friends or family and not feel hindered by different ability levels. Electric bikes allow you to experience an active Colorado bike vacation and share your experience with friends or family.
      There’s no limit on a healthy and active lifestyle. Make a Colorado bike trip a reality! Contact us at 970-776-0181 for more information.


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