June 28th is Colorado Bike to Work Day


Colorado Bike to Work Day

Are you ready for Ride Your Bike on Colorado Bike to Work Day? June is a perfect month to start a new habit and get in shape for summer, especially if you’re lucky enough to bike in Colorado.

Exercise with a purpose is the best…you know, riding your bike to get ice cream, or donuts or coffee! But the ultimate exercise with a purpose has to be riding your bike to work. Not only are you helping to save our planet and keep it and your wallet a little greener, but you are getting somewhere you have to be anyway.

Many communities are participating in Colorado Bike to Work Day by offering things like free breakfast (who doesn’t love free food?), prizes, group rides, workshops, t-shirts, and all around friendly competition. Check out the links on the Colorado Department of Transportation website for specific information on Colorado Bike to Work Day and what’s happening in your town https://www.codot.gov/programs/bikeped/information-for-bicyclists/bike-to-work-day

Sometimes it takes a little extra planning, like taking an extra set of clothes in to work, getting up a little earlier, and checking for inclement weather, but it’ll be worth the smug feeling of knowing that you not only already got your exercise in for the day, but you have the ride home to look forward to. Aaahhh!

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