It’s All About the Ladies: Custom Bachelorette Bicycle Trips


Getting married is one of the single most defining moments in your life. A custom bachelorette bicycle vacation is the perfect way to celebrate and bond with your BFFs one last time before the big day. So, before you don the white tulle and lace, ditch the traditional parties, get out your spandex riding shorts, and book a Colorado bachelorette bicycle vacation. How’s that for a creative theme party-on-two-wheels?


Here’s our list of why a Colorado cycling vacation is an AWESOME idea for your bachelorette party:

1. Treat your adventurous side. There’s lots of tedious details and related stress involved in planning a wedding. Blow off steam, and get some exercise on a Colorado bicycle tour.

2. Leave the planning to us. We’ll coordinate your bicycle vacation down to the last detail, leaving you to focus on spending time with your friends.

3. Customized trips just for you. If sipping wine is more your style than classic boozy bachelorette celebrations, we’ll create a customized Colorado bicycle vacation for you and your friends. Cycle through the vineyards of Colorado, stopping along the way to sample the award-winning wines of the Colorado Wine Country.

4. No need for a designated driver!  Cycle between wineries, enjoy a private shuttle to the numerous restaurants and bars or hang out in the trendiest club in Aspen, 39 Degrees lounge.

5. If you think you’ll miss that kooky novelty item to wear, how about a bike helmet with a veil attached? OK, maybe not.

6. There’s no need for presents! Your time together on your Colorado bicycle adventure is your gift to one another.

7. No stupid games. Unless you want to try playing toilet paper and a pole. Instead, how about a challenging ride or leisurely loop along quiet country roads with your best friends?

8. Build unlimited memories (and a scrapbook if you want) with photos from your totally awesome bicycle adventure tour. (Save the recipes for later.)

9. Don’t have a week to cycle? Pedal for a day on our Bike the Colorado Wine Country Self-guided Day Tour.

10. Incorporate a variety of activities in your Colorado bicycle adventure. A spa day in Glenwood Springs, a massage in Vail, a gourmet cooking class in Aspen – the ideas are endless!

11. No need to decorate. The scenery you’ll experience on your Colorado bicycle vacation is decoration enough.


Need more reasons? Call our bachelorette bicycle adventure specialist at 970-776-0181 or email us.

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