Searching for the ultimate family vacation? Look no further!


How many of you packed into a car and took road trips as kids? My family did. Spending hours in the car, sightseeing, with a suitcase wedged between my sister and me so that we wouldn’t fight described our family vacations. OK, there was that one trip to Acapulco. . .

Seriously, when I was growing up, we had never heard of adventure travel vacations, not to mention bicycle adventures. With today’s active lifestyles, there’s no excuse for the drudgery of typical family travel. If you’re searching for the ultimate family get-away, look no further! Here’s our top reasons to book a self-guided Colorado bicycle vacation with your kin!

You’ll never hear the words “I’m bored.” With traditional family vacations, it’s hard to please everyone. Our active Colorado cycling vacations are sure to keep your family interacting and engaged. Plus, our cycling trips provide a good dose of exercise, and the resulting benefits are amazing – strong lean muscles, enhanced brain activity, and some darn fine sleeping after an active day of cycling!

Not to worry ! There’s plenty of time to relax. Start cycling when you want, ride as far as you’d like, and finish when you please. Our vacations are designed so that you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy additional activities. What can be better after an active day of bike riding than a soak in the largest natural hot springs in the world?

We are family! I’ve got all my (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles) with me!  A Colorado bicycle vacation is a GREAT excuse for a family reunion! This is your opportunity to bond, catch up, and reconnect with your family unit. Plus, a family that rides together (insert your phrase here). Hints: (plays together, has more fun together, stays healthy together)

Everyone can participate! Cycling suits all ages. Our self-guided tours offer a variety of cycling for all ages and abilities. There’s no age limit on a healthy and active lifestyle. Why not start now and book an active bicycle adventure with us?

Our trips won’t leave a major dent in your wallet. Our self-guided bicycle tours are family and budget friendly. You won’t break the bank on our bicycle vacations. Colorado self-guided bicycle trips offer unbeatable value and can be ½ the cost of guided bicycle tours. We’re affordable, but we don’t skimp. You receive the same high quality bicycle tour you would receive from a guided tour.

Learn about the region. You’ve probably heard that Colorado has some amazing scenery! What you may not know is that there’s culture and history around every corner. Experience Colorado first-hand! Visit with the locals, see some wildlife, enjoy numerous festivals, and experience the geography up close and personal.


Family matters! Colorado is the ultimate playground for family vacations! Our Colorado bicycle tours are a great way for you to explore the beauty of Colorado while bonding with your family and creating priceless memories. Plan your next family vacation with us for an experience you won’t forget!

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