We’ve got you covered! Never get lost on our self-guided bike tours


Who of us hasn’t felt that debilitating feeling of standing at a fork in the road with a rumpled, sweat-stained map in hand, wondering if you should go right or left. We’ve got you covered! Never get lost on our self-guided bike tours!  Choose one of three navigational options, or use all three!

Garmin GPS

>Easy-to-use touchscreen, accurate data and superior navigation capabilities are just a few features of the Garmin GPS systems offered on our self-guided bicycle tours. All GPS systems are pre-loaded with all routes applicable to your bicycle trip. Your local representative will review how to use the Garmin during your private welcome orientation. The GPS Garmin is included in the trip price on multi-day excursions.

Maps.Me is THE tool for all of your travel mapping needs. Simply download a regional map using an internet connection. Once the map is downloaded, you can access it offline to navigate your bicycle tour routes, saving you time and money on roaming charges. Maps.Me provides you with excellent details of towns, roads & facilities. The system offers GPS positioning, & zooming in and out is effortless.

At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures will begin using Maps.Me on our self-guided bike tours, in addition to our Garmin and handwritten instructions. This is a complimentary service. Once you’re on tour, we’ll send you an email version of all maps applicable to your tour. You can then download them onto your phone for use offline while on your bicycle vacation.  FREE

Before your tour

– Download the Maps.Me app from your app store and install it on your mobile device. Download the Map + Routing option in order to enable navigation of our routes on your device

– Open the app, click the menu button in the bottom right corner, and download the maps

– Within the Maps menu, select the U.S.

While on tour

– When you arrive on your Colorado bike trip, we will email the routes in a format that will allow you to open them directly from email to Maps.Me, using the WiFi at your hotel

– Select the attached files one at a time and chose “Open in Maps.Me.”

This will allow you to overlay our day’s route onto your mobile device’s map of the region.


Written Navigational Instructions

Not into technology? No problem! At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures provides detailed written turn-by-turn navigational instructions for each route on your self-guided cycling adventures.

Make a Colorado or Arizona self-guided bike trip a reality! Contact us for more information.

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