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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you’ve imagined.”


pam-and-mascot-harryFollowing this advice from Henry David Thoreau, in 2012, At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures founder and owner Pamela Keller decided it was time to do just that. She hung up her corporate hat to pursue her heart and passion. Hence, At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures was born. OK, she didn’t actually throw down the corporate hat until 2015. But, while working full-time as a sales manager, Pamela was busy burning the midnight oil, creating her dream bicycle tour company and crafting Colorado’s premier, self-guided cycling tours. The first tours rolled in 2014, and her company now features fully customizable, guided bike tours and self-guided bike tours in Colorado, Arizona and Utah.

Pamela has extensive experience in the travel industry, having coordinated trips in the U.S. and Canada for Globus Family of Brands, one of the largest tour operators in the world. A self-proclaimed late bloomer to cycling, Pamela started pedaling in earnest when she moved to Colorado in 1989. Lucky for her, she had a good friend who helped her navigate the cycling world, and she proceeded to beat up the bike paths around Colorado on her turquoise & pink Specialized Hard Rock. Miles (and years later), Pamela is living the dream, happy to be away from corporate America, and loving life with her canine mascot and CFO (Chief Furry Officer) Harry Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson, who has served as Pamela’s master for 10 years, provides her and her team with daily inspiration and wisdom. Pamela is also the creator of Sassy Spokes, a Meetup group dedicated to empowering & motivating women to ride bicycles despite age, ability level, or size.

Pamela’s philosophy, that cycling & multi-sport adventures provide visitors with healthy options for being active and enjoying authentic, custom, cultural and historical experiences while vacationing, infuses her entire company and every guided or self-guided bicycle tour. With today’s active lifestyles, there’s no excuse for the drudgery of typical travel. Tour participants are active and engaged, and these trips provide a good dose of healthy exercise. At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures self-guided and guided tours serve up a variety of cycling adventure for all ages and abilities. With her extensive knowledge and experience in travel, Pamela is always happy to customize just right options, add-ons and special moments that will be perfect for any individual or group. There’s no age limit on a healthy and active lifestyle.

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