Special Experiences

With At Your Pace Freestyle Cycling Adventures, our goal is to make your cycling trip as wonderful and delightful as possible. We pride ourselves on our staff’s extensive knowledge and local relationships that afford you access to top notch adventures and authentic cultural, historical or culinary experiences during your trip.

While we offer several multi-sport bike tours, special activities and adventures can be added to most any trip during down time or at the beginning or end.  You might want to enjoy a special wine tasting picnic or have a gourmet dessert sampler and champagne awaiting you in your room. Maybe you’d like to set up a guided fly-fishing morning, or explore fascinating cave tours, or simply enjoy a spa day before heading home.  We’re happy to use our expertise to set you up with the right special experiences to fulfill your dreams and make your cycling vacation perfect.

Let us dream with you!

Stories From The Road