Women’s Plus-size Cycling Clothing


Women’s Plus-size Cycling Clothing. Oh where, oh where can it be?

I was chatting with one of my best girlfriends while enjoying a favorite pastime – sipping a glass of wine in Palisade, CO. The topic of women’s plus size cycling clothing came up as an idea for a blog (hmmm…..). My friend would like to enjoy cycling but is annoyed and frustrated by the lack of clothes designed for plus size women. Her chief complaint is that she doesn’t know where to buy cycling clothes that fit, and NO, wearing men’s cycling shorts is NOT an option.

I decided to do a bit of research, and here’s what I found:

Searching can be intimidating! There are more offerings now than ever before, but it takes time to vet out sites, looking for the fit that’s right for you. Here’s the good news. I’ve done some groundwork for you, and following are some suggestions for on-line offerings:

Photo credit Terry Clothing

Terry offers women’s plus size cycling clothing in attractive styles & colors: tops, bottoms (including  capris, tour shorts, long tights and padded liners that you can wear under your own shorts) and skorts (a skirt and shorts) – sized from 1X to 4X. Clothes are sized proportionally, even the chamois pads! Terry creates plus size patterns, which means their tops are longer and have a looser fit through the bust and hips, and the bottoms have a higher rise.

Photo Credit Aerotech Designs

Aero Tech Designs offers women’s plus size cycling clothing, starting from 2X to 6X (in some products). Offerings include the century short, made of soft stretchy fabric that feels like cotton, but is actually soft polyester with Lycra for stretch during movement, and a wide variety of baggy shorts – still attractive, but a looser fit that’s perfect for mountain biking or riding around town. They also have a selection of activewear jackets and windbreakers.

shebeest alters their designs as the sizes go up. For instance, princess seams are incorporated in jerseys for a more flattering look. I couldn’t find a drop down on their website specifically for plus sizes, but you can filter products by size.


Look for sizing charts on all of these sites before purchasing, and stay positive! Don’t let cycling clothes deter you from participating in an amazing activity! And remember, you do not have to be wrapped in lycra! While I do recommend that you purchase a pair of liners with a chamois that you can wear under shorts or a skirt (to keep your bum comfortable), you can wear whatever you want to cycle. The best women’s plus size cycling clothing is out there, and you will find the right fit for the perfect YOU!


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